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6 Types of Earrings you must own in 2018

Hey stylish,

If you have landed on this page, then it is most likely that like me, you too love trendy earrings. I’m of the belief that earrings are the most important accessory in an outfit. It can take your style quotient notches higher in comparison to any other accessory. Earrings can tremendously alter the way you look because they are closest to your face. Somehow, I have always been more inclined towards unique and trendy earrings than clothes (that’s probably why I make them!). I also feel, there’s been a sudden boom in trends in the earring industry … read more

History of Paper Quilling

The word ‘Quilling’ also known as ‘Paper Filigree’ is a form of paper art, where thin strips of paper are rolled & shaped to form beautiful and intricate designs. Although it’s considered a less complicated art form, it is extremely time intensive, hence requires a lot of patience from the artists.


Many consider Quilling to be a contemporary art form, however, very few are aware of it’s long standing history. Quilling dates back to the 16th & 17th century, where it was practiced by the French & Italian nuns. Though it is said to have it’s origin in Egypt, it … read more