Summer Fashion Must Haves & Trendy Styles

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Hope you are enjoying the summers & soaking up the sun in style. I’ve been back on the blog after a long time, so i chose the most apt topic, summer fashion to mark my comeback. In this post I will discuss the absolute fashion must haves & their styles that are all the rage this summer. So just sit back, sip your cocktail & read on.

1. Sunglasses: Also known as Shades or Sunnies, had to be the first one on the list, right? I mean, what better time to flaunt them than the summers? You have a myriad of choices when it comes to sunglasses, but the most ‘in trend’ styles are :

a. Cat Eye frames: I love cat eye frames, they are so gorgeously feminine.

Through Vintage Eyes
His and Her Vintage


b. Embellished: You will be spoilt for choice, because these range from simple to avant garde. But I prefer the minimalist ones.

Pretty Rock Girl
Pretty Rock Girl

c. Tinted mirror lens: My favorites are pink & blue tints, what about you?

Sunglass Museum

2. Summer Dress : Just like the LBD, I believe every girl should also have an LSD, the little summer dress.:) They are not only super comfortable, but also super stylish. You can flaunt these dresses in vibrant colors, becasue summers are the best time to have a colorful wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the most intresting styles this season:

a. Off shoulders : The best style to flaunt that sexy neck & collar bones.


b. Cold shoulders : A chic blend of sleeves & off shoulder, rather the more comfy version of the off shoulder.


c. Tassels : This isn’t a style, per se, but tassels are all the rage these days & why not, they look so pretty.


3. Swimwear: Ok, this is a very obvious one on the list. But only the ones who live in beach destinations get to flaunt these often. While the others have to wait for a beach vacay to don a bikini. Checkout which are the most popular styles of 2018.

a. High waist bottoms : This is the bikini of the 80s that’s made a comeback.


b. Ruffles : These are so pretty that they will double as a top if worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt.


c. Polka dot prints : Looks like people are loving the 80s style a lot.


4. Sandals: Summer footwear should be all about comfort. But comfort doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. These styles will show you, how to do just that.

a. Lace up sandals: How sexy are these? These will glam up your legs like no one’s business, while being easy on your trotter. You have got to have atleast one of these because they look so hot & go with almost every outfit…shorts, skirts, summer dresses, swimwear…you name it.

Grecian Sandals

b. Mules : These are the perfect summer shoes. A cross between shoes & sandals, it truly is a mule, isn’t it?

Pesh Art

c. Embellished flats : When we can embellish our outfits with crystals, tassels, ruffles & frills, why not our footwear?

Cute Me Up on Etsy
Pinky Promise Accs

5. Pallazos : There are no styles for a pallazo, because a pallazo itself is style of pants. Baggy & airy, yet very chic. They come in different lengths, wear them short, capri length or full. Pair them with tank tops for the perfect summer outfit.


6. Hats : How important are hats during summers? Not only do they protect you from the harsh UV rays during summers, they up your style quotient notches higher. I would say hats are one of the most stylish accessories for the summers.

a. Floppy beach hats : I just love these hats, what a stylish way to protect yourself!

Think Butterflies Etsy

b. Baseball cap : Wear these with tees & shorts for a sporty chic look.


7. Earrings : Earrings may not be a must have, but if you want to spend the season in style, then it is! Check out the 6 types of earrings you must own this year. Summers are the best season to flaunt bright, colorful earrings. Just make sure they are lightweight, so they don’t weigh you down. The most ‘in’ styles you should sport this season are:

a. Tassel earrings : Tassels, specially earrings are so much in trend these days, you’ve got to own at least 1 pair of them.

Love Pink Zebra
Unique Beads NY

b. Floral earrings : Sweet, sassy, summery…want to make a style statement this season? floral is the way to do it.


c. Stud earrings : Studs are perfect for those days when you are sporting the, sporty look. Go for colorful edgy styles.


8. Bags : Just like summer footwear & earrings, comfortable is the way to go when it comes to bags too. Here are the two types, best suited for summers:
a. Sling bags : I think these bags were made for the summers, they are oh so convinient.

Lily Lou Lou

b. Tote : Totes are spacious yet stylish & so easy to carry around.

Livin The MAD Life

So, according to me these were the fashion must haves, to beat the heat in style this season. What do you think? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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