6 Types of Earrings you must own in 2018

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If you have landed on this page, then it is most likely that like me, you too love trendy earrings. I’m of the belief that earrings are the most important accessory in an outfit. It can take your style quotient notches higher in comparison to any other accessory. Earrings can tremendously alter the way you look because they are closest to your face. Somehow, I have always been more inclined towards unique and trendy earrings than clothes (that’s probably why I make them!). I also feel, there’s been a sudden boom in trends in the earring industry (if there is an industry for that), which was quite dormant all these years. Most style experiments would happen only with clothing or shoes, even bags. I think earrings were quite neglected! But now a world of variety has opened up and I’m so excited…there’s so much you can do with this little accessory.

So let’s see what are the most hottest trends & must have earrings, this season:

1. Tassel earrings: Tassel earrings have been trending for a while now. I think the trend kicked off sometime in 2014, but it has only peaked since then. They are very decorative & eye catching. These earrings come in a lot of variety, there’s thread, beads, leather and even metallic chain tassels. Here are some of my favorite picks from each variety:




  1. Leather Tassel earrings by scandinazn
  2. Beaded Tassel earrings by Lutita 
  3. Chain Tassel earrings by TrendTassel
  4. Thread Tassel earrings by Ibiza Designs Boutique

2. Bon bon earrings: The name itself is so cute, that you would want to own them. ‘Bon bon earrings’ are making a grand appearance in almost every fashion blog. It seems to be a hot favorite among fashionistas. If you like to go ‘bold’ with your earrings, these are a must have.



  1. Shop Velvet Jewelry
  2. My Lucite Dreams
  3. Dabita Jewelry
  4. Filigratti

3. Geometric earrings: Triangles, hexagons, squares, circles & a whole lot of other shapes, look great as earrings. Geometric earrings are very versatile. Small studs are great for a simple look, while large earrings make a style statement. There’s tremendous variety in geometric earrings, you won’t be able to stop yourself from hoarding them.




  1. Filigratti
  2. Mountain Sparkles Art
  3. Aitoyou
  4. Filigratti

4. Minimalist earrings: Minimalism is also a relatively new trend. Before this fashionistas would either wear earrings or go without them. But now there are so many great options that you don’t have to sport an incomplete look. Again, these earrings score high on versatility. Surely a must have, not only for this season but even in the future.




  1. One happy leaf
  2. Filigratti
  3. Epheriell
  4. Filigratti

5. Ear cuffs: Ear cuffs are my favorite among all the trends (although I can’t make them…quilling & ear cuffs don’t seem to go very well.) These are so different from the regular earrings, because they cover a large part of the ear & are not just suspended from the lobe. Some designs don’t even require piercing…how cool is that! (I had a really hard time with infections when I got my first piercing.) They are also known as ear jacket or ear climber, the names are as interesting as the designs. The variety is super vast, right from minimalist to avant garde & everything in between, there’s a wide range to choose from. Checkout some of my favorites.




  1. Strange thing jewelry
  2. Yumistar
  3. Holy Lands Treasures
  4. Iloniti
  5. Sigalita JD

6. Mismatched earrings: Mismatching is probably the newest among all these trends. A few years back people would have laughed at it but now it’s totally in vogue. I think it’s one of the most interesting & exciting styles. Mismatching can be a little tricky but if done correctly they can look super hot.




  1. Filigratti
  2. Jewellery for world
  3. FrauZlata jewelry
  4. Filigratti

So, which one of these do you like? Do you know any other styles that are in vogue? Let me know in the comments below.

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